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Bild International Positive Behaviour Support Conference 2021

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Bild International Positive Behaviour Support Conference 2021

The evolving world of Positive Behaviour Support - moving forward together

This autumn for the brilliant International Positive Behaviour Support Conference, which will take place in a new hybrid format – with both online and in-person elements – from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th October at UK. Bringing renowned Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) speakers from across the globe to The DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central, the conference will explore the theme ‘The evolving world of PBS: moving forward together’ – and will publicly reveal, for the very first time, the newly updated UK definition of PBS in a keynote by Dr Nick Gore (Tizard Centre) and Suzi Sapiets (University of Warwick).


第三屆亞太地區正向行為支持國際研討會 SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2021 TAIPEI, TAIWAN

To promote Positive Behavior Support (PBS) in the Asia Pacific Region, the 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Positive Behavior Support (AAPBS) will be held on September 17 to 18, 2021. The APPBS will be a hybrid event. International participants will attend the conference virtually and local participants will meet in-person at Taipei. There are several important points and dates that we would like to bring to your attention.


Paper submission due : April 30, 2021

Notification of selection : June 30, 2021*

Deadline for registration and housing of all presenters on or before July 20, 2021

Conference : September 17-18

*If you do not receive notification by email at that time please contact twswpbs@gmail.com


  • All submissions and presentations must be made in English.

  • There is a limit of two contributed submissions per lead author.

  • The dimensions and layout of the poster presentation will be emailed to the applicant once your abstract is accepted.



George Sugai, Ph. D. is Emeritus Professor in the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut. In 2019 he retired as Carole J. Neag Endowed Chair and Professor with tenure in the School of Education at University of Connecticut. His professional interests included school-wide positive behavior support, classroom and behavior management, and school discipline, and organizational management. He has been a classroom teacher, program director, personnel preparer, and applied researcher. Currently, he is senior advisor for the OSEP Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (www.pbis.org).


Joseph Lucyshyn, Ph. D. is an associate professor at the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education at the University of British Columbia-Vancouver. He has focused his career on Behavioral Disorders, Autism/Developmental Disabilities, as well as measurement, evaluation, and research methodology. He is an expert in the application of Positive Behavior Supports within families and family systems.


Catherine Bradshaw, Ph. D. is a Professor and the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. Her research interests focus on the development of aggressive behavior, prevention and intervention, child mental health, and program development and evaluation. She is an expert in implementation science and coaching models. She was previously the Associate Editor for the Journal of Research on Adolescence and is currently the editor of Prevention Science.

Lovexpress Foundation「愛傳遞」的暑期活動將於7月份開始喇! 我們將會以「正向行為」為主軸,讓正向理念滲透於興趣活動中。

為讓大家更了解「正向行為」如何影響我們的生活,特別邀請了資深行為分析師葉曉欣女士講解何謂「正向行為」,它又如何協助我們尋找內在的力量面對困難、 面對逆境,找出解決問題的方向 。


In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2021) and APBS's Mission to "Enhance Quality of Life by Promoting Positive Behavior Support" They are offering some resources to highlight the alignment of Mental Health within Postive Behavior Support.

May 24 at 3:30 pm US Eastern, Susan Barrett, Director of the Center for Social Behavior Supports at Old Dominion University and Joanne Cashman from the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE), will discuss current collaboration efforts between APBS and the Mental Health Community and highlight ways APBS Members can get involved. Susan is also a member of the APBS Board and Joanne serves APBS as a consultant focusing on Mental Health.

Open to all is a session from the recently held 18th International Virtual Conference on Positive Behavior Support. This free presentation--Train and Coach: Supporting Educators' Implementation of Trauma-Informed Practices, presented by Lyndsie Erdy and Brittany Zakszeski, Devereux Center for Effective Schools, highlights the importance of coaching in implementation of trauma-informed practices in the classroom.

新一季講座推介 : 敏哲慈善 - 旱苗得雨 2021

Date: 2021-05-07 (FRI) / 1030-1200

新一季「敏哲 旱苗得雨」Zoom 免費家長講座推介:

內容: 校園欺凌是孩子成長過程中時時需要面對的其中一個問題。



旁觀者在充滿着惡霸環境的氛圍中學習也會有一種自己也被欺凌的感覺,並可能出現抑鬱或不安感。萬一校園出現問題時,家長該如何引導? 如何幫助孩子積極面對? 在那找尋合理的方法解決? 絕對不容錯過 !

講者 :

葉 曉 欣 小姐 (教育系碩士, 國際認證行為分析師) Dianna Yip, M. Ed., BCBA, Founder of PBSA.Asia

林大偉律師 太平紳士 David T. W. Lam JP B.A., Dip. CL, AHKIArb.


旱苗得雨 2021 免費家長講座 (二步曲) 開始報名啦

今期再次請來不同的專業人士,打頭陣是 行為分析配合律師在欺凌問題上提供專業意見, 絕對不容錯過 ; 繼而透過日常生活、遊戲及桌遊,輕鬆地提昇專注力、社交能力、情緒表達及學習能力等,最後嘗試從醫學角度了解聲音過敏對孩子成長發展的影響,好讓我們更容易及輕鬆地幫助孩子正向成長。日常生活、遊戲及桌遊,輕鬆地提昇專注力、社交能力、情緒表達及學習能力等,最後嘗試從醫學角度了解聲音過敏對孩子成長發展的影響,好讓我們更容易及輕鬆地幫助孩子正向成長。



旱苗得雨 2021 免費家長講座 (二步曲) 開始報名啦


新一季講座為大家帶來多角度的 SEN 資訊,請來不同的專業人士,先來行為分析師配合律師在欺凌問題上提供專業意見,也會透過日常生活、遊戲及桌遊,輕鬆地提昇專注力、社交能力、情緒表達及學習能力等,最後嘗試從醫學角度了解聲音過敏對孩子成長發展的影響,好讓我們更容易幫助孩子正向成長。

感謝各單位支持, 有大家真好, 我地可以全心全意為 SEN 家庭服務🥰



The International MTSS Online Forum Series aims to build capacity among school leaders, support directors and teaching teams in the science and philosophy of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.

This is the final weekend of the International MTSS Online Forum Series. This weekend will see us reflect upon our learning journey and celebrate the successes we've made both collectively and individually. We will share opportunities to help you continue to implement and grow your MTSS program at your school.

**Registered participants can view the January agenda and access links to the sessions using the IMS April Whova Platform.

Detail : https://www.internationalmtss.com/april-agenda

Invitation to APBS Open Forum

Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 2:30-3:30 pm Eastern Time

Dear APBS Member,

Every year, Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) members are welcome to meet with the Full Board as a scheduled part of the APBS Board Meeting agenda. This year's Open Forum will be Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 2:30-3:30 pm Eastern Time. You are welcome to observe the proceedings during this open time frame and/or provide input (if you wish) to the Board regarding relevant issues concerning positive behavior support and APBS endeavors. Please consider joining us for this APBS Open Session.

It is helpful to know in advance of anyone who is interested in attending the APBS Open Forum for scheduling and planning purposes. Please contact Rose Iovannone (iovannone@usf.edu) if you plan on attending the open session and providing input during the meeting. If you are unable to attend the open session and would like to provide input to the Board, written comments and feedback are welcomed both during the conference, and on a year-round basis. The date, time, and location of our annual APBS Open Session is as follows:

Association for Positive Behavior Support

Open Session for All Members

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 2:30 pm Eastern Time

Zoom: Click to Join

Rose Iovannone, Ph.D., BCBA-D

President, APBS

RECRUIT : 行為治療師 ABA Therapist (Full-Time)

Company: P.L.A.I. Behaviour Consulting

P.L.A.I. is a perfect place for passionate individuals who are keen on developing a career in supporting children with special needs. We are currently looking for passionate individuals to join our expert team to provide family-centred support for families and schools.

P.L.A.I. specializes in using ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) to support children with behaviour problems, language delay, Autism, and/ or other developmental disabilities. We provide home-based intervention as well as school support for pre-school and school-aged children. Our consultant designs an individualized behaviour support plan for each child we support. As an ABA therapist, you will be responsible in implementing the support plan under the supervision of our consultant. We will provide training in ABA when you join P.L.A.I. You will continue to receive training and support on the job. If you are interested in further in this field, P.L.A.I. is committed to support you by providing regular supervision and professional development opportunities. We would like to make sure that our staff continues to learn and advance their career.

Responsibilities of an ABA therapist:

  • Provide 1:1 or small group support for children with special needs at home, at school, or in the community

  • Apply teaching strategies that follows ABA principles as directed by a behaviour consultant to implement the child’s individualized intervention plan and behavioural support plan

  • Data collection and data management

  • Participate in regular videotaping or supervision during sessions

  • Prepare materials as needed

  • Meet with behaviour consultant on a regular basis

  • Attend professional development workshops and training regularly


  • Training and professional development opportunities

    • Initial and ongoing training by a BCBA

    • Mandatory RBT Training

    • Supervision hours towards BCBA/ BCaBC

    • Regular in-house workshop and training opportunities

    • Access to our professional development fund

  • Gain experience in working in various settings

  • Relatively flexible work hours

  • Paid vacation days

  • Opportunities to further your career within P.L.A.I.

If you are interested in using behaviour intervention to improve lives of children and families, please contact us at info@plaiconsulting.com.

Requirements :

  • Experience in working with children

  • Bachelor degree in related field (e.g., Psychology, education, etc.)

  • Able to work independently and with a team

  • Fluent in English. Ability to speak and write in Cantonese or Mandarin will be an asset

網上講座推介 : 敏哲慈善 - 旱苗得雨 2021

T1 題目:SEN兒坐吾定,點ZOOM 好

Date: 2021-01-19 (TUE) / 1100-1200

講員 : 葉曉欣 (「亞洲正向行為支援學院創辦人」) 及 羅凱琳 (「培基P.L.A.I. Consulting 」國際認證副行為分析師,註冊社工 )


網上講座推介 : 敏哲慈善 - 旱苗得雨 2021

T2 題目:多動,腦動 (開腦/健腦操在家齊齊做)

Date: 2021-01-22 (FRI) / 1100-1200

講員 : Anita 周家儀 (「腦之家」慈善機構行政總監; 「腦力開發培訓師證」書課程導師)

內容: 已有科學實證,說明有充足運動的孩子,其學術成績會較沒有足夠運動的孩子為佳,而即使患有專注力不足/過度活躍症的孩子,在進行足夠運動後,其表現也會有所改善。因此,千萬不要以功課多為理由,而拒絕孩子進行適當的運動。


網上講座推介 : 敏哲慈善 - 旱苗得雨 2021

T3 題目: 在家輕鬆提升孩子語文能力及閲讀理解——繪本及遊戲幫到你!

Date: 2021-01-26 (Tue) / 1100-1200

講員 : 黎亦琪 (「童創文化有限公司」教材研發總監,資深註冊教師)


- 繪本種類與作用

- 如何提升小朋友的閱讀興趣及理解能力

- 欣賞繪本的技巧

- 遊戲種類與重要性

- 如何選擇適合小朋友的玩具/活動

- 透過遊戲提升小朋友語文能力的投巧

網上講座推介 : 敏哲慈善 - 旱苗得雨 2021

T4 題目: 情緒告急點算好

Date: 2021-01-29 (FRI) / 1100-1200

講員 : 黎亦琪 (「童創文化有限公司」教材研發總監,資深註冊教師)

講員: 劉美蓮 (註冊教育心理學家/註冊社工/註冊教師/遊戲及沙遊治療師)

內容: 又延長在家學習時間差不多兩個月,到底點先可以幫到就快情緒升溫的家長及照顧者係疫情中改善情緒 (提供情緒急救的方法)

網上講座推介 : 敏哲慈善 - 旱苗得雨 2021

T5 - 題目: 星爸SEN媽分享會

日期: 2021.2.5 (FRI) 10:30-12 AM

講員/主持人: 劉美蓮 (註冊教育心理學家/註冊社工/註冊教師/遊戲及沙遊治療師)

分享家長: Jacob曾偉延(二位SEN孩子家長)

內容: 家有星兒,長時間困在家中,家長情緒升溫告急,又可能欠缺友人交流,我地請過來人分享點樣克服!


Auditory-Verbal Therapy summer internship program 2020 practicum & presentation

Date: 2020-09-12 (Sat) / 0930-1700




地點︰香港教育大學將軍澳教學中心教室 203-205

地址︰將軍澳敬賢里1號 近港鐵寶琳站

名額︰20 個 (只提供協會登記義工 , 專業義工優先)